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All Issues 2022 (PDF)


Order TDHJ Special Editions 2022 and receive two current issues on top!

This particular offer covers our Special Editions 01/22 – 04/22, plus any two of the existing TDHJ Special Editions (PDF):

  • Digital Sovereignty;
  • Future of the Western Balkans;
  • Global Advancement Programme 2022;
  • Neutralität neu interpretiert.


Additionally, we provide you with 2 extra PDF issues of your free choice!

TDHJ Special Edition provides our readers with peer-reviewed research papers on security and defence-related topics. The research papers are made possible by our Peer Board experts-academics and practitioners alike-who volunteer their time to read and evaluate viable manuscripts in a double-blind peer-review process. We touch upon several topic clusters, such as Future Challenges, Political Theory and War&Peace.


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